Clay Club is a fun group for children to explore their creativity and have access to clay. We will focus on the experience of making something by hand and the wonderfully tactile nature of clay. They have the opportunity to learn various techniques. They are free to choose what to make, and almost always they know what this is - they have ideas galore! I give technical help and guidance and suggest projects if needed.

Previously children have made bowls, boxes, warriors, a 3 headed monster, a robot and also letters of their name, house number plaques, hearts and stars, small pots - some to keep and some as gifts for friends or family.

The emphasis is on enjoying the process of making and handling the clay, it can be a very calming and relaxing experience for the children. And it's also a great fun thing to do in a group, the children's natural inquiring minds and imaginations seem to open up and they initiate some very funny and quirky and sometimes serious chats!

About me

I am passionate about clay and have been working with it for over 20 years. I feel strongly that children don't have enough opportunity to get lost in the creative process or to make things with their hands or at school.

I began a Clay Club at a local school last year and at the beginning of this year started running sessions at the Hanover Centre. The children who've taken part have really enjoyed themselves and are pleased to have something of their own to take home.